Brand Refresh

Responsible for: Concept development and research

This project is one I am most proud of. I was the driving force in changing the face of Servus Credit Union. Back in 2014 it was identified that Servus Credit Union required a brand refresh. What I was able to provide was the initial concept of working with an element that they could truly own – the circle. No other competitor had a circle in their logo that they were utilizing and there is so much that a circle can represent. At it’s core the circle is Servus, a financial institution that provides a well rounded experience for their members and what every consumer wants – banking without the edges.  I had done my research, developed a potential way of using the circle and was able to sell this idea through the major channels within. The idea was then moved forward to the external agency Karacters to flesh out and adapt as they saw fit to be the Servus brand refreshed look and voice you see today.

Components included:

  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Research on competitors/potential competitors

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