Let me Set the stage for you:

Set is me! Sarah E. Tomilin. A strategic, creative Graphic Designer with 8+ years experience, 6+ of those in Corporate Marketing and nearly 2 in Publishing/Recruitment Advertising. I also come equipped with a certificate in Design Studies, a diploma in Digital Media and Design and the added benefit of courses in Brand Strategy and Development, Creative Strategy and the Business of Design, and the Principles of Information Architecture. BONUS: I have also been nominated 3 years in a row for an award in excellent customer/employee service within the large company I work for.

What is up with the logo?

The Set Graphics logo is based on the traditional art of typesetting. This is represented by the blocking behind the letters. Much like how I run my business, typesetting requires great attention to detail, a skillful approach and of course an artistic flair.

A sturdy font is used to show stability and strength which is complemented by a more delicate font to emphasize the sophistication and care brought to each project.

The calm teal colour is contrasted with a vibrant orange and balanced with a steely grey. This palette represents a well rounded approach to business and design, as that is what I offer my clients.