Strategic awareness project

Strategic Rollout

Responsible for: Concept development, design, initial copywriting, art direction for landing page, icon development

The main goal of this project was to increase awareness of the strategic priorities for the company. I developed a layered approach to this based around the main thought “What you do everyday  helps us build a better world – one member at a time”. What does this mean? It means that no matter what position you are in, the work that you do impacts the company and it is important for you to see and understand where the company wants to go and how you can help them get there.

Because the topic is all about growth and measurement it was only natural that the concept revolved around a “tree of life”.

Round one for awareness was a card sent to every employee (approx 2,400) with a packet of tree seeds (pictured above). Planting the seed (literally and figuratively) that they are important to their ecosystem and their workplaces’ ecosystem.

Round two was the launch of the landing page that housed all pertaining documents and information, each containing the same look and feel for consistency. This includes banners that appear on the intranet to inform employees when there is an update to a specific section. To do this I was tasked to develop an identification system. There was also a vector image of the tree for the main landing page to continue the thought from the card. A great visual representation of the message.

The icon system for online awareness on the company’s internet was based off of what nurtures and comes from a tree. Water to represent the annual corporate plan (what is going to feed the company’s success), a cross section of the tree to represent the 3 year strategic plan (the history and projections of growth of the company), an apple to represent updates and results (the fruits of our labour), and a tree branch with leaves to represent tactical planning (where they are branching out to next).

Components included:

  • Cards with seed packets
  • Document templates
  • Icon system
  • Landing page
  • Online banners for intranet