Wealth Deposit campaign

Wealth Deposit fall campaign

Responsible for: Concept development, design, copywriting, art direction for digital animation

The business objective of this campaign was to show that Servus is truly a one-stop shop for financial needs, increase referrals, demonstrate that they provide wealth advice for individuals at all stages of life all while leveraging the previous wealth campaign that stated “You don’t have to be wealthy to get expert wealth advice.”.

I went a bit more playful here and developed a word puzzle graphic with the word “Wealth”. By leaving out several letters it spells out the sound of despair “Wah” which is supported further by the lead line of “You shouldn’t miss out on wealth”.  Bringing it around full circle, the concept explains that Servus believes you don’t have to be wealthy to get expert wealth advice, so let our wealth advisors fill in the blanks (by giving you expert wealth advice) so you can get the most out of your money.

What’s great about this concept is that it answers the question “What’s in it for me?”, which is always top of mind with the consumer.

Components included:

  • Large and small posters
  • Online advertising
  • Digital signage