Wealth Advisor stationery package

Wealth Advisor - Client Package
Responsible for:
 Concept development and design

The challenge proposed was to replace the existing leather wrapped folders that were not being utilized due to cost and relevance.

What I created was a scalable solution.

Is the wealth advisor dealing with a large client? Use the binder and dividers. They can supply their client with the binder initially and whatever dividers pertain to the initial meeting. Then, as their needs grow the advisor can supply their client with dividers based on future meetings’ topics i.e. Estate Planning. By having the dividers pocketed the client does not need to bring their binder back to every meeting with their advisor. They can simply get their new divider with the new information in the pocket at their meeting and upon arriving home can insert the divider into their binder.

How about a smaller client? The wealth advisor can supply them with the folder which follows the same look and feel of the binder. Perhaps down the line the client may want to increase their services and at that point can receive a binder and dividers. It’s up to the advisor and having tailored solutions for each client makes things easier for everyone.

Components included:

  • 2.5″ wrap cover binder with pockets and 2 die cuts for business card insertion
  • 2 decks of 5 dividers with pockets each tailored to a specific sector of wealth advice
  • Folder with pockets and 2 die cuts for business card insertion