CSR Rollout


Responsible for: Concept development, theme, design, initial copywriting, icon development

The goal here was to raise awareness around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within the company. This way employees will have a better understanding of why it exists, what all is involved, and why they should care about CSR. The concept was developed around the idea of intriguing our employees, making them think they may be missing out on something,  by posing the question: Are you getting enough CSR? This was followed up with some helpful information and directed them to the company’s intranet for further information.

A promo item was made for employees to play with as well. A folded paper “fortune teller” full of fun facts that aided in showing employees that CSR is all around them and to generate conversation/buzz.

I also developed an icon for the CSR department. It is based directly from the company’s logo utilizing the circle and font. This shows the relationship between them and that CSR is in fact a part of Servus Credit Union. Not just a feature or add on. It lives within. From there a large printed version of this icon was created and used for photo opportunities at events. The next level of this icon is to begin including it into company documents. This being similar to a menu at a restaurant that has an icon for gluten free, or vegetarian or spicy. It’s a visual cue to let employees know that whether they know it or not, the document they are reading has some involvement with CSR. Strengthening their knowledge base of what CSR is.

Components included:

  • Posters
  • Large scale icon sign for photo ops
  • Promo item