Be a Superhero Campaign

Responsible for: Illustration/Concept for dolls, creation/design of the guidebook, campaign graphics, Digital signage/animation

For the 2014 United Way campaign at Servus Credit Union the theme was “Be a Superhero”. With this theme in mind, the client wanted to create a group of dolls that would be sent to different regions of Alberta where Servus Credit Union branches are and they would be used for photo opportunities at United Way related branch events. I came up with/illustrated the superhero dolls to fit the theme of the guidebook I had already created for them and off went the designs to the vendor. 3 weeks later we received our product and they are now out in circulation!


Components included:

  • Guidebook (PDF)
  • Digital Signage
  • Stuffed Dolls
  • Posters
  • Online banners