YASS Queen!

413e069495669de84c03f1db45a8bf02Content may be King, but more importantly… who is Queen?
Is it that perfectly toned, always knows the right thing to say Copy Writing Wonder Woman that paves the way ? Or is it the innovative, attractive, always in the right place at the right time Design Diva directing it all?
Well, why can’t we both win the crown? I believe that copy writing and design work best when developed together. When developing content does it necessary directly mean copywriting? Not in my opinion. Content is what fills the space, engages the user, as well as drives the intended message. This means there needs to be some give and take when developing creative elements to allow for the copy and the design to work together effectively. A sound way of achieving this is to have a copy writer work directly with a designer from the beginning. Naturally we (designers and writers) work on the same principles to reach our audience – personas to determine methods of communication, choosing channels based on marketing goals, positioning statements to help focus the creative development, as well as a general focus on the synthesis of relevant written copy and effective design principles (proximity, layout, typography, visual and informational hierarchies). It only makes sense to work together from the get-go.
Communication is the basis for all interaction – but I would stress that effective communication is relative to the relation of good copy writing and good design. A relationship we should always be cultivating. Creative minds gotta stick together!

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