Trimming the Fat – the Power of Visual Hierarchy

How often have you visited a site and not been able to understand what the purpose of half the information on it is? It’s redundant, it’s confusing and it’s information overload. Basically, you recognize that it’s related to the company, but it holds little to no value to you as it’s information you didn’t need to know.

Now this can be a case of poorly placed material that is of value but needs to be in the right section for it to make sense OR it’s padding: the water-bra of information filling up the sidebars. Sure it looks nice, but when you get down to it it’s void of anything useful.

This is where a strategic designer can shine! By evaluating the content (keeping in mind user experience theories) and working with the client to understand what it is they are truly trying to accomplish with their website, the perfect product will surely emerge.

Finding that you aren’t getting the traction you desire from your website? Send me a request and let’s get a phoenix to rise out of the ashes!


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