Growing up is tricky, even for a brand

We all know growing up isn’t easy. There are awkward stages, frustration, and change. The same goes for companies. Sure you can expand into different territories, maybe try a new sub-brand or even refresh your brand, but with all the twists and turns that come with an ever-evolving digital world how do you ensure adoption and stay relevant? Not current. Relevant.

A deep understanding of your consumer is crucial. Who are they? What do they do? What do they say? How loyal are they? These questions will help answer more targeted ones such as: How resistant are they to change? How much interest do they have in social media? What are key identifiers of your brand for them? Will they explore your latest venture? All of these are very important things to consider. You can’t push them to do what you want but you can lead them to where you want to go. How? By listening. Not only to your consumer but to the marketplace.

Grabbing onto the tail-end of a trend is not going to make you innovative. It’s not going to raise your profile. It’s going to hinder you. By the time you’ve successfully integrated your new image/sub-brand, the industry has moved on from where they were when you started visualizing.

Trust me, you don’t want to look dated. A roll-out is exciting, it’s fresh, it’s fun! Whatever you decide to do with your brand make sure it’s added value, relatable to your consumers, and most importantly it still feels like you.

That’s what counts. You.  So look for what you own and capitalize on it. Whether that be certain colors, images, tone of voice,  location, efficiency, community involvement or anything else.  Find it. Magnify it.  Celebrate it.  It’s why your consumers chose you in the first place.


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