Getting Inspired

Inspirability bookI like to read. Actually, I like to read a lot. And it’s not uncommon for me to have several books on the go.

I like to have an industry book going at the same time as one for personal interest. When I came across a fantastic deal a month or so ago I couldn’t resist. Two designs books for less than the price of one!

When they finally arrived (they were shipped up from the States) I was on holidays and couldn’t pick them up. But you can bet that the second I returned I was ripping into the box on my desk.

Much to my surprise one of the books had an incredible tactile experience. A velvet fabric finish as well as embossing and spot varnishing. LUXURIOUS! So of course that is the book I chose to read first.

“Inspirability – 40 Top Designers Speak Out About What Inspires” by Pash.

I’m actually not done yet but I’m finding it so wonderful that I’m ready to share anyways. I read a designer a day (sometimes I forget… and sometimes I read more than one) and it gets me in the mindset for creating. Each designer is interviewed, submits a self portrait, fills out a personal survey, and shows examples of their best work. Written as though you are sitting in on the interviews, it’s a casual, light heartened and sometimes enlightening read.

I do recommend it to anyone in the field who is interested in other designers, is stuck in a rut, or just needs something to look busy with while they drink their morning coffee at their desk.


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